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Workbench Lite Downloads

Workbench Lite Trial Enterprise Edition for EBS

The Workbench Lite Trial Edition is a full feature version of the software. The trial software is licensed free for 60 days from date of activation. 

The Workbench software is easy to install and use, but it is enterprise class software and does require a three step install process.

1. Install database objects into the Oracle EBS database

2. Install software on the Oracle EBS forms server

3. Use Oracle EBS to configure the Workbench

Steps 1 & 2 are normally completed by a qualified Oracle EBS DBA. These install steps take about 30 mintues to complete.

Step 3 is normally completed by a qualified EBS administrator. This install step takes about 30 minutes to complete. 

A software trial license key is required to activate the software. Contact Workbench Software for your activation key.

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